What can tenants in rental properties do about improving the energy efficiency of their homes?

If you’re a tenant in a private rental property in Oxfordshire and you think the energy efficiency of your home could be improved, there are a few things you can do:

Understand your landlord’s energy efficiency requirements

Landlords in the UK have been required by law since 2018 to meet a Minimum Level of Energy Efficiency standard of at least an EPC band E for their properties before renting to a new tenant.  Since 1st April 2020 this requirement also come into force for the renewal of existing tenancies.

You can find your EPC rating through the EPC register.

Encourage your landlord to contact us

If you feel your property requires energy efficiency improvements, contact your landlord and encourage them to look at our Cosy Homes Oxfordshire service. We have a webpage dedicated to supporting landlords.

If they refuse to act, you may need to refer them to your local authority

Refer yourself to the BHBH team (if vulnerable)

If you think you may be vulnerable, refer yourself to the Better Housing Better Health (BHBH) team – they can provide vulnerable residents in Oxfordshire with advice and grants to improve energy efficiency in the home, lowering bills and improving health.

‘Vulnerable’ includes tenants who are receiving income-related benefits, have a low overall household income, or a resident with vulnerability to the cold (including suffering from a long-term health condition, being in receipt of a non-means tested benefit, or living in a property that has a low energy performance).