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A whole house retrofit gets underway in North Oxford

A large period house in North Oxford is undergoing a complete retrofit and we will be visiting the property at key stages to document the progress.

About the home

New double glazed sash windows have been installed throughout the house and are now being protected whilst internal wall insulation is installed.

Wood fibre insulation panels need to be applied to a smooth, flat surface so the internal walls were prepared with a parge coat of lime plaster to make them level.

The insulation panels, which are rigid, can then be fixed in place. The wood fibre will then be ready for its top layers of finishing plaster to create a very well insulated and cosy room.

Retrofit Coordinator, Mark Saunders, was present at the property and explained that the ceilings have been removed to install the underfloor heating ducting which sits in trays that are mounted between the joists of the floor above.

What measures are being installed?

The retrofit measures include:

  • New double glazed sash windows
  • Internal wall wood fibre insulation
  • Air source heat pump
  • Underfloor insulation and heating
  • Re-roofing and loft insulation
  • Centralized mechanical extract ventilation

We will be checking back in with the residents during their retrofit project to see how they get on, and what impact the retrofit has on their home and energy bills.

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