Cosy Homes Oxfordshire plan builder

Curious about what a retrofit might look like for your home but not quite ready to register? We’ve developed the Cosy Homes Oxfordshire Plan Builder to help you quickly get an idea of the opportunity that retrofit would bring for your home – at no cost to you.

Simply input your postcode and the Plan Builder will show you everything we know about the current energy efficiency and performance of your home, based off existing data. If it doesn’t look quite right, you can edit this data. Then, choose your budget and your priorities, and the Plan Builder will suggest retrofit measures you could install to improve your home’s energy efficiency within these parameters.

If you’d like to speak to us about taking these measures forward, you can then submit your plan to the Cosy Homes Oxfordshire team. We’ll get back to you to book in your home assessment and Whole House Plan – or to suggest a different retrofit route if we don’t think the Cosy Homes Oxfordshire whole house retrofit service is quite right for you.

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Retrofitting your home has several benefits:

  • Cutting the carbon emissions from your home through improved energy efficiency
  • Reducing your energy bills by reducing wasted energy
  • Increasing the comfort of your home, keeping you cool in summer and warm when the weather turns
  • Improving the health of your home by addressing issues such as damp and mould.

If you’d like to see this in action, why not take a look at our Cosy Homes Oxfordshire case studies, featuring homeowners across Oxfordshire who have already improved their homes through home retrofit.

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