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Why retrofit your home?

Why you should consider retrofitting 

Newly built homes often adhere to high energy efficiency standards, providing warmth and comfort in the winter without exorbitant heating costs. However, older homes may suffer from draughts and soaring energy bills during colder months. 

With the pressing challenge of climate change, households in the UK are a big emitter of greenhouse gases, accounting for 26% of total emissions. To address this issue and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, nearly all housing requires some form of retrofitting. 

What exactly is retrofitting? 

Retrofitting involves making changes to your home to enhance its energy efficiency. This can encompass various measures, such as installing solid wall or loft insulation, fitting new windows or doors, upgrading the heating system, implementing draught-proofing, or adding ventilation and solar panels. The options are wide-ranging. 

Considering the potential impact of each measure on your entire home, we recommend a ‘whole-house approach.’ Whether you opt for a comprehensive retrofit all at once or take it step-by-step, this approach ensures a well-coordinated effort, minimizing unintended consequences and future re-work. Additionally, it sets the foundation for your home to become ‘zero carbon ready.’ 

What difference will a retrofit make? 

The impact of retrofit improvements can be remarkable. According to feedback from our previous retrofit projects, homeowners reported that retrofitting made their homes feel more modern and appealing, a worthwhile investment in their properties. 

Moreover, they experienced significant health benefits, with improvements in conditions such as allergies, asthma, and eczema, as well as an enhanced sense of mental well-being. Homeowners found themselves enjoying spending more time at home and feeling happier with their properties. 

Retrofitting also led to noticeable energy bill reductions. Homes became cosier, heating up more quickly and cooling down more slowly in winter, and staying cooler in the summer months. Air quality improved, and previously chilly, underutilized rooms transformed into warm, inviting spaces once again. 

Do I need a retrofit?? 

If you are interested in future-proofing your home, but not sure what you need to do, or where to start, then try our free Plan Builder tool. Using existing data the tool will tell you how well your property is currently doing, and what tailor-made measures you can take to start reducing your energy bills, making your home healthier and more comfortable. 

Do visit the Cosy Homes Oxfordshire website to contact our helpful Retrofit Coordinators and for more information about retrofitting.

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