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What makes our service special  

Local knowledge, tailored planning, triple impact

We pride ourselves on offering a unique and comprehensive home retrofit service. Our approach is designed to maximise your home’s energy efficiency, improve comfort, and contribute to a sustainable future. Here is the seamless process we follow to transform your home.

We’re your Oxfordshire experts 

We have the local knowledge with a deep understanding of the area, and strong connections with local contractors. This ensures a smooth and personalised home retrofitting experience. 

Tailored Whole House Plan 

Each property is different. Our on-site data gathering allows us to craft a customised Whole House Plan, offering immediate solutions for increased efficiency, making your home more sustainable. 

Triple impact 

Choosing Cosy Homes Oxfordshire means saving energy, cutting energy bills, and contributing to environmental sustainability by reducing carbon emissions. 

Three key steps 

We’ll guide you through the entire home retrofit process. From meticulous data collection and in-depth analysis to advising on contractor quotes and ensuring quality during implementation, we’re your trusted partner for a comprehensive and effective whole house retrofit. 

Step 1: Data gathering 

  • Examining energy usage: Thorough examination of your home’s energy consumption patterns, recognising variations in energy use. 
  • Building fabric inspection: Our experts will examine the structure and fabric of your home to identify energy efficiency opportunities. 
  • User behaviour consideration: Acknowledging that everyone uses energy differently, we tailor solutions to your specific energy needs. 

Step 2: Planning 

  • Pinpointing energy loss: Identifying areas where energy is being wasted. 
  • Cost-benefit analysis: Conducting a comprehensive analysis to ensure cost-effectiveness, considering upfront costs, maintenance, and calculating return on investment. 
  • Renewable energy options: Exploring and advising on renewable energy alternatives, from switching suppliers to installations. 

Step 3: Implementation 

  • Contractor advice: Outlining project requirements to help in getting accurate contractor quotes. 
  • Coordinating retrofit measures: Ensuring seamless sequencing of retrofit actions and helping to resolve any issues. 
  • Quality assurance: Providing quality control at key stages during the project and thorough checks upon build completion. 

Transform your home into an energy-efficient, cosy, eco-friendly haven with Cosy Homes Oxfordshire. Experience the perfect blend of modern living and sustainable practices. Get in touch to start your retrofit journey, or jump straight in with our free Plan Builder tool, which serves as an initial introduction to the possibilities for your property.

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