Reduce your energy bills and carbon emissions, and turn your house into a Cosy Home

UK COVID-19 November lockdown update: Cosy Homes Oxfordshire is still operating as normal during the UK lockdown in November 2020. We are still able to conduct home assessments and onsite retrofit work – as long as you, as the homeowner, are happy for us to visit your home. We have detailed COVID-19 protocol for all staff members, Retrofit Coordinators, and contractors working on behalf of Cosy Homes Oxfordshire, as well as for homeowners to prepare for our visits.

In the UK we have a very old and inefficient housing stock. That means our homes make up a significant part of our carbon footprint, responsible for around 14% of carbon emissions in the UK as a whole – and up to 29% of Oxford city’s carbon emissions.

If we are to address the climate emergency, it is absolutely imperative that we quickly address the energy efficiency of our homes, and that’s where Cosy Homes Oxfordshire comes in.

Cosy Homes Oxfordshire is a one-stop-shop home retrofit service, aiming to make it simple for homeowners in Oxfordshire to improve the energy efficiency of their homes – reducing carbon emissions and energy bills whilst making the home more comfortable to live in.

We take a whole house approach to home retrofit, because we know that’s what will make the biggest difference to the carbon emissions of our housing stock.

Cosy Homes Oxfordshire launched in 2019 and is currently in its pilot phase of developing the service, with funding from the UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. If you’re interested in using our service for your home, make sure you read our information on how the service works before registering your home. Please also be aware that we are currently operating with a waiting list for home assessments and Whole House Plans due to high demand, and it will likely take between 2 and 4 weeks from registering your home for our team to book you in for your home assessment.

Hoping to take advantage of the Green Homes Grant to retrofit your home? Head to our Green Homes Grant webpage to find out more.

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Whole house retrofit aims to take a property to near net-zero energy demand in one step to reduce carbon emissions as much as possible and prevent any issues with your home later down the line. This likely includes multiple measures or pieces of retrofit work, but it could be across multiple ‘phases of work’.

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Intrigued about retrofit for your home? Try our Plan Builder

If you’re curious about retrofit for your home, and want to know more, we’d recommend trying out our Cosy Homes Oxfordshire Plan Builder. It’s a free, online tool which shows you the current energy performance of your home, as well as suggesting retrofit measures you could take to improve this.

The Plan Builder is based on the existing data on your home rather than reflecting your actual usage, so if you want to explore these suggested measures further we’d recommend that you submit your plan to us through the Plan Builder – and we’ll then be in touch to organise an in-person home assessment.

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“Thank you for all your hard work on our home. We were impressed with the amount of work the team got through in a short amount of time. Given that tight timeframe, we were especially impressed that no corners were cut at any stage. The whole team clearly take pride in what they do, including the team at Hook Norton Construction who led on the delivery of works for our home – the culture and approach taken is great to see.”

– Trish Lunel, Cosy Homes Oxfordshire client