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Your cost guide to retrofitting

What are the retrofit costs?

The costs listed here are divided into two parts: the initial assessment and Whole House Plan, which provide you with an invaluable tool for the future, and then, if you go ahead with the retrofit, some of the additional costs involved.

Each home is unique, so the cost of a whole house retrofit can vary greatly based on the type of home and the measures needed. With Cosy Homes Oxfordshire’s tailored approach, there are costs involved in certain stages of the project, which are outlined here.

Start by submitting a plan for your property through our free Plan Builder tool. All you need to do is enter the postcode for your property. Using existing public data, the tool will provide information about your property type, current energy usage, and suggest potential measures for improvement. The Plan Builder tool serves as an initial introduction to the possibilities for your property.

Home Assessment and Whole House Plan

A home assessment and Whole House Plan are the first steps to gaining an in-depth understanding of which measures would be most cost-effective for your home. They provide the foundation upon which to plan out your retrofit measures and gain a long-term vision of what is possible.

Prices are inclusive of VAT:

  • 1-2 bed home -£375
  • 3-4 bed home – £600
  • 5+ bed home – price on request*

We charge for a Whole House Plan because the cost covers the time it takes to thoroughly assess your home and for our Retrofit Coordinator to create your custom plan. This ensures you get the best, tailored advice for your home, making it excellent value for money.

*Homes with more than five bedrooms are often more complex, sometimes featuring multiple roofs. We just need a bit more information about your home.

Client Service Agreement

After you’ve reviewed your Whole House Plan with your Retrofit Coordinator and decided which measures to progress with, you will be sent a Client Services Agreement (CSA).

The CSA outlines any extra costs before starting your retrofit project, like a Building Performance Requirement (BPR) and additional technical reports. Costs vary (typically £500-£1500 +VAT), and our team is happy to explain the details.

This stage is key for our whole-house retrofit. Guiding you through the retrofit, we can help ensure contractors fully understand the building to prevent issues like thermal bridging, ventilation, or dampness.

Delivery of retrofit work

Each house is unique, and the final build costs will depend on the measures you choose to implement. Initial cost indications will be provided in the Whole House Plan you receive, but ultimately, prices will depend on the contractor quotes obtained at the time you choose to start the project.

Once you are ready to go ahead with your home retrofit, there will be a 5% project charge for our service, which includes:

  • Facilitating any contract documents between yourself and contractor/s.
  • Coordinating the retrofit measures to ensure they are appropriately sequenced.
  • Inspecting the work done to ensure the contractor delivers what they have promised.
  • Will be on hand to help resolve any issues or conflicts that may arise.
  • Sign off the work, and give you the all-clear to pay the contractor.

Our Retrofit Coordinator team does not do the day-to-day project management of the project, but guide you through every stage of the process, from start to finish.

For complex projects requiring the coordination of multiple contractors without a prime contractor appointed, it’s wise to consider bringing in a full-time project manager.

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