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Celebrating a decade of retrofit success

RetrofitWorks celebrated a significant milestone at their 10th-anniversary event held at Lord’s Cricket Ground. The gathering was a resounding success, uniting industry leaders, suppliers, and retrofit advocates. The event served as a platform for exchanging information within the retrofitting community.

As a project partner organisation, Cosy Homes Oxfordshire‘s Geordie Stewart was amongst those delivering insightful presentations on the pioneering journey and growth of Cosy Homes Oxfordshire. His engaging talk highlighted the company’s achievements as well as giving a glimpse into our vision for the future growth of retrofitting, and energy-efficient, eco-friendly homes.

RetrofitWorks 10 year anniversary event
Geordie Stewart was amongst those delivering an insightful presentation on the pioneering journey and growth of Cosy Homes Oxfordshire

The day was filled with dynamic discussions, featuring a wide variety of speakers, from the members of the RetrofitWorks team, and included (with links to Linkedin profile pages):  

  • Sara Edmonds, from the National Retrofit Hub 
  • Dr Valentina Marincioni, Lecturer in Building Physics at the University College of London  
  • Syed Ahmed, Director at Community Energy London 
  • Russell Smith, Director of National Retrofit Hub, ending the presentations with a talk about Retrofit Delivery Models in the UK 

An interactive session afterwards facilitated collaborative conversations, allowing participants to share ideas and perspectives that will shape the future of the retrofitting industry.

“We want to express our gratitude to the speakers for their valuable contribution on the day. The feedback we have received regarding their presentations has been exceptionally positive, and our members found their insights and expertise extremely beneficial.”

Sam Bruce, Senior Retrofit Project Administrator at Your Home Better

A notable highlight was when Stuart Dunlop‘s spoke about Lord’s Cricket Ground’s pioneering journey to sustainability since 2009. They proudly became the first UK sports venue to appoint a full-time Sustainability Manager. The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) stands out as a leader among sports venues, being a pioneer in actively reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Reflecting on insightful talks and initiatives at Lord’s Cricket Ground, the future of retrofitting looks bright. The event renews our dedication to creating eco-friendly homes and a healthier, cosier homes. Cheers to a decade of success and the exciting journey ahead in retrofitting! 

RetrofitWorks 10 year anniversary event
Photo opportunity for the core members of RetrofitWorks

If you’re considering retrofitting your Oxfordshire home, give our free Plan Builder tool a go. Discover how your home is performing and find out what improvements you could make today. Let’s make your home cosy and more energy-efficient!

RetrofitWorks 10 year anniversary event
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