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Green home transformations get started in Nottingham

Work is underway to turn 77 council homes in Radford into green and energy efficient properties.

28 bungalows and 49 council houses on five streets are benefitting from development works that will increase energy efficiency and reduce heating and energy costs for residents.

“This project is transforming older council properties into warmer, more energy efficient homes which are cheaper to run for residents. We are turning these homes into some of the most sustainable homes in the country, whilst helping hundreds of Council tenants to save money on bills, which is so important with the cost of living crisis.”

Nick Murphy, Chief Executive at Nottingham City Homes

Nottingham was the initial place in the UK to pilot the ground-breaking whole-house retrofit approach known as Energiesprong. It created part of the winning submission which saw Nottingham City Council crowned the UK’s Climate Champions at The Guardian’s Public Services Awards 2020.

The project aims to transform the council homes to as close to net zero carbon as possible, following the Enrgiesprong approach pioneered in the Netherlands.

The Energiesprong approach upgrades a home with innovative energy-saving and energy-generating measures.

“ I think with the cost of everything going up and having to be careful, it’s a really good idea to be making these houses warmer.”

Margaret, local resident
Green home transformations get started in Nottingham
Green home transformations get started in Nottingham
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