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Retrofitting: why carbon-reducing home renovations are going to be big business

18 August 2021

The Guardian featured the People Powered Retrofit programme by Carbon Coop, including an interview with Boris Afinogenov, who retrained as a retrofit installer with Carbon Coop after leaving his job in sales. The article also highlights their community shares offer which is launching in September to help the project scale up and complete more retrofits in the Manchester area.

“We’re like the householders’ advocate. We’re there to advise, hand-hold, offer specific services like the assessments, the design and the procurement, and then they contract a contractor. We don’t do the work but we make sure it is done to a certain quality. We’re not here to exploit people or make a quick buck. The organisation’s main mission is fighting the climate crisis . That’s why we exist.”

Jonathan Atkinson, founder of Carbon Co-op

People Powered Retrofit is one of the six start up pilot projects which received the same grant funding as Cosy Homes Oxfordshire from the Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial strategy.

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