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Early bird

The early bird gets a cosy home 

True to form, while the rest of the world is experiencing searing heatwaves, this British summer carries on with cool and damp weather. Which makes this perhaps an ideal time to start thinking ahead to the coming winter, and planning a whole house retrofit. Upgrading and renovating your home during the summer months will help you reduce future energy bills, cut carbon emissions, as well as ensure a cosy home – just in time for winter.  

In fact, summer is the perfect time to kick-start your retrofit project, as it offers a quieter period for contractors and home improvement professionals. With greater availability and flexibility, they can accommodate your retrofit efficiently and to a high standard, giving you peace of mind when colder weather arrives. 

Reduce your energy bills 

A home retrofit provides an excellent opportunity to implement energy-efficient measures that significantly reduce your energy bills. Upgrading to energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting, and smart thermostats leads to substantial cost savings. Choosing sustainable options like solar panels or heat pumps further decreases your reliance on traditional energy sources, lowering your carbon footprint. 

Cut carbon emissions 

Climate change is a pressing concern, and cutting carbon emissions is a responsibility that lies with each individual. By planning your home retrofit now, you play your part in mitigating climate change. Energy-efficient upgrades and sustainable solutions not only benefit your home but also reduce your carbon emissions. 

Create a cosy home  

Acting now and implementing necessary retrofit measures will transform your home into a cosy sanctuary during the long winter months. Better insulation, efficient heating systems, and weatherproofing measures ensure your family stays warm and comfortable even during plummeting temperatures. Creating a snug environment enhances your living experience and provides a sense of security and well-being in the colder season. 

Ironically, a better insulated home will also keep you cool during those searing summer days, if they ever come, completing the circle of comfort and energy efficiency throughout the year. 

Be the early bird 

To seize this opportunity and make your home more energy-efficient, sustainable, and comfortable for the winter, be the early bird. Consider trying Cosy Homes Oxfordshire’s free and interactive Plan Builder tool, which shows you the current energy performance of your home and suggests retrofit measures, installation costs, and potential energy and carbon emission savings. 

Take control of your retrofit project now, and create the cosy home you’ve always wanted. 

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