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The race to retrofit 

On your marks…

The race is on to reach the UK’s Net Zero goal – achieving a balance between emitted greenhouse gases and those removed from the atmosphere – and there is no time to waste. As part of achieving this goal, retrofitting homes needs to takes centre stage.

Because the UK has the oldest housing stock in the world, nearly 19 million homes in the UK are currently languishing at the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of C and below!  

Households contribute a substantial 26% of the UK’s carbon emissions, making the renovation and future-proofing of your home pivotal in the battle to halt the accelerating pace of climate change.

The power of retrofitting 

Retrofitting homes offers a tangible and practical path to reduce our carbon emissions, offering far-reaching and transformative impact. By upgrading insulation, windows, and heating systems, we can significantly cut down on energy consumption. With reduced energy bills and improved insulation providing ‘cosy’ warmth during colder months and year-round comfort, homeowners experience a healthier and more comfortable living environment. Imagine yourself residing in a home that combines remarkable energy efficiency with sheer delight in every aspect of living. 

Calling for government support 

To accelerate our progress in the race to retrofit, we will need strong government backing. Incentives for homeowners and financial support for retrofitting initiatives are crucial. Providing grants, tax incentives, and financial aid can bridge the gap and encourage widespread participation. 

Moreover, investing in training programs and establishing academies will create a skilled workforce capable of spearheading these essential retrofitting projects. The race to retrofit also brings tremendous opportunities for job creation, economic growth, and innovation in the construction and home improvement sectors. 

A future of possibility 

The race to retrofit our homes offers a future of possibility and sustainability. It embodies our commitment to a greener, cleaner world. With every retrofit, we inch closer to that Net Zero finish line, securing a better future for ourselves and the generations that will follow us. 

Get set…. 

If you are interested in future proofing your home, but not sure where to start, try our free Plan Builder tool. It will tell you how well your property is currently doing, and what measures you can take to start reducing your energy bills, making your home healthier and more comfortable. 

The race is on!

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