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Maureen Dyroff Thermal camera house

Maureen Dyroff, the dedicated Co-ordinator of Chinnor & Thame Friends of the Earth, holds a Science degree and has been championing environmental causes since her early 20s. Having called Chinnor home since 1978, she retired as the Supervisor of Jack and Jill Preschool in 2020.

Maureen at Thame Green Fair - November 2023
Maureen, in green t-shirt on right, manning Friends of the Earth stall at Thame Green Fair, held at Thame Town Hall in November 2023

Maureen’s property 

Maureen’s home, a detached dwelling erected in the 1960s/70s, had undergone various extensions. The structure features two storeys, cavity walls filled with urea formaldehyde, a pitched roof insulated at joist level, and a solid floor with built-in insulation. Her windows are 100% double glazed, mostly replaced in 2018. The house boasts a C-rated condensing gas boiler with 88% efficiency, an existing solar PV + battery, and a solar thermal system. 

Maureen Dyroff Thermal camera house
Maureen’s home, seen through a thermal camera, which was an additional option to the Whole House Plan

Why the Whole House Plan? 

Concerned about climate change and eager to cut both carbon emissions and fuel bills, Maureen decided to investigate her home’s energy efficiency. A thermal imaging camera had highlighted an urgent need for improved insulation, and she also was considering replacing her aging solar thermal system with newer solar rooftop PV panels, as well as exploring the possibility of installing a heat pump. 

The Whole House Plan created for her by Cosy Homes Oxfordshire provided a comprehensive analysis, revealing more potential measures than Maureen had initially considered. It became a valuable resource, guiding her towards a few key measures that offered the best results within her budget. 

Making a cosy home 

Maureen took the plunge, and selected a few measures from a range of suggested options that were not only effective but also tailored to her budget. Recently she had the boards in the loft lifted, with extra insulation placed underneath as it was below the recommended level. The boards were then put back, raised on stilts. Additionally, she had an insulated loft hatch fitted. 

After a thorough inspection, it was discovered that the cavity wall insulation was deteriorating. She is now in the process of waiting for the removal of the old insulation and the injection of a new, more effective material. 

She also secured a fantastic deal for the installation of a heat pump from her energy provider. 

Value for money 

Given the detailed assessment results, and the abundance of suggested measures, Maureen views investing in a Whole House Plan as excellent value for money. While narrowing down the home retrofit choices posed a bit of a challenge, she is delighted with the final decisions made, enhancing her home’s energy efficiency and aligning with her commitment to environmental stewardship. 

If you’d like to find out more

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