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How home retrofit can transform a house into a cosy and energy efficient home [animation]

Home retrofit and energy efficiency improvements can transform your cold, draughty house into an energy efficient, Cosy Home – here’s how.

In the UK we have an old and inefficient housing stock, meaning that many of us live in cold, draughty, damp homes. Not only does that have a huge impact on our health and comfort, it also means we’re paying more than we should on energy bills and producing more carbon emissions from our homes than is needed.

The solution? Home retrofit! Retrofitting your home will ensure that the fabric of your home is energy efficient – well-insulated and air tight, with controlled ventilation. Turning your house into a Cosy Home.

Take a look at the illustration below for some of the ways a house can be transformed into a Cosy Home – you can also explore our interactive house to find out more about each of the highlighted measures.

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