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Energy Saving Homes Films premiere at Oxford Town Hall

A community-led campaign has created seven ‘bite-size’ films on how to save energy in your home. The films feature interviews with residents who have put energy saving measures to the test in their homes.

The films were supported by Low Carbon Hub and Oxford City Council.

Membership Development Manager (RetrofitWorks), Michael Huth

One film focuses on contractors and features our Membership Development Manager(RetrofitWorks), Michael Huth.

Michael, along with Retrofit Coordinator, Mark Saunders, joined the community at Oxford Town Hall on the evening of the premiere alongside Cosy Homes contractors to answer questions from the audience on insulation, heat pumps and more.

Energy Saving Homes Bite-Size Films from Communities for Zero Carbon Oxford A series of 2-3-minute films about how to save energy in your home – with examples from real people.

Film 1. Low-cost energy saving measures

Oxford residents describe: 1) simple, energy-saving measures that cost less than £10, 2) how they have changed their ways of living, and 3) how they have saved on fuel bills.

Film 2. Insulating your walls, loft and floor

Oxford householders describe: 1) different ways that they have insulated their homes, 2) why they chose to insulate certain parts of their homes, 3) how they have benefited.

Film 3. Air source heat pumps

Oxford householders describe: 1) why they have installed air source heat pumps, 2) how they prepared for installation, and 3) how they have changed their ways of living.

Film 4. Solar panels and storage

Oxford householders describe 1) different solar panels, 2) how they store solar energy, for example through batteries, and 3) how they have changed their ways of living.

Film 5. Double or triple glazing and ventilation

Oxford residents describe 1) different types of double or triple glazing, 2) how they prioritised where to install it, and 3) the importance of ventilating well-insulated houses.

Film 6. Help with finance

Emily Green explains services and grants available to Oxfordshire residents who: 1) need advice, 2) are on low incomes, 3) can afford large energy-saving measures like heat pumps.

Film 7. Opportunities for contractors

Building contractors explain: 1) why they have moved into eco-renovation, 2) how they upskilled themselves, and 3) available support for contractors taking on retrofit work.

Made by Energy Saving Homes, a project of Communities for a Zero Carbon Oxford. Funded by the Low Carbon Hub and Oxford City Council.

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Retrofit Coordinator, Mark Saunders demonstrates different types of insulation
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